Our Story


by Lyndsey

Álainn /awl-in/ means beautiful in Irish.
Álainn is a silversmithing and jewellery design studio based in west cork

Our aim is to work only with sustainable sources. We are a zero waste business, recycling even the gold and silver scraps left after making a piece.

We dedicated a lot of time to researching sustainable and eco – friendly packaging and we are delighted to say that our packaging is 100% recyclable.


LYNDSEY BOWLES – Founder and Creative Director

Álainn was founded in March 2021 by Jeweler Lyndsey Bowles. Her journey started while studying in the National College of Art and Design where she completed a bachelors degree in Jewellery and Objects. Lyndsey gained the knowledge skill and tools needed to start up her own company and create unique pieces of quality and beauty. 


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Made in West Cork